Grads To Be Program

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Mission Statement

The Grads to Be Program is focused on supporting Undocumented, AB540, and DACA students by providing resources and services geared towards enhancing and supporting their academic journey and personal well-being. The program fosters a supportive and inclusive campus community, which is essential to the growth of all students, regardless of their status. 

Who We Are

The Grads To Be Program has centers established at all three North Orange County Community College District schools: Cypress College, Fullerton College, and North Orange Continuing Education (NOCE).

Undocumented Student Action Week

The Grads to Be Program at NOCCCD present undocumented student action week. October 18 – 22, 2021. The event provides support, resources, and learning opportunities to our undocumented student population and districtwide community.

Grads To Be Background

The Grads To Be Program is provided to the community through a private grant with Immigrants Rising. In 2018, a catalyst fund grant proposal through Immigrants Rising was submitted at NOCCCD by a team of staff members from Cypress College, Fullerton College, and NOCE.

This multi-million-dollar, three-year grant initiative was established to expand support for undocumented students and their families across the state’s three-tier public higher education systems: California Community Colleges, California State University, and the University of California.

The district proposal, awarded in 2019, aimed to create programs geared to support undocumented students at all three institutions and the North Orange County community. Key programs developed included tailored services that include the Undocumented Student Week of Action, legal aid, mentorship, academic advising, mental health advising, and more.

Grads To Be Program Services

  • Legal Aid, Mental Health, and Emotional Needs via Mobile Therapy and Legal Services (MTLS)

    One of Grads To Be primary goals is to provide access to legal consultations and services that help students deal with emotional and physical well-being stressors. As a program, we aim to make improvements to the repeated exposure to trauma, enhance life coping skills, and manage multiple stressors.

  • Academic and Career Development Services

    Counselors play a major role in a student’s educational journey. Being able to connect the student with a counselor is critical for the student’s success. At NOCE, guidance is provided to students for the academic pursuit of English as a second language, high school diploma and GED, career technical education, and transitioning to a two-year college.  The program strives to help students increase retention, persistence, and completion success.  Grads To Be will also provide access to information about internships/summer programs, rights under legislative bills, DACA, and financial aid.

  • Staff, Faculty, and Student Development

    It is the philosophy of the Grads To Be Program that the entire institution should function as a safe zone for undocumented students. Professional development training will focus on systemic change to promote understanding attitudes and behaviors that guide service delivery. When our institution fosters inclusivity, empathy, and support, our campuses become a supportive environment where learning, retention, and success can happen.

  • COVID-19 Resources

    For more information on at-home testing, drive-thru testing, Latino health access, community-based clinics, and more, visit: 

  • NOCE United Club

    Join the Grads to Be Student Club, NOCE United! As a club, they will: 

    • Empower students, regardless of their citizenship, to follow their academic goals and
      believe that they are important.
    • Support each other by sharing information and resources at NOCE and the community that can assist in our goal to become self-sufficient.
    • When resources are not available, we shall unite and advocate for ourselves.

    For more information on the NOCE United Club, contact or view the NOCE United flier.